Saturday, September 08, 2007


The booty knitting has hit a bit of a bump in the road..

uhhmm... see, I was seaming the other booty up this afternoon and had almost finished, mere minutes before needing to hop in the car to get to our waffle meet-up for tasty foods and catch up time... I was going really well too!! Sure, my finishing and seaming skills do need work, but I'd managed to make really quite a good job of it.. in fact I'd made quite a good job of it all the way up the toe of the booty plus the top of the ankle that isn't meant to be seamed.


No problem! I'll just snip the seaming yarn, weave in that end and it'll be done.


Do I really need to tell you what happened? I'm sure you can guess.


Yes. I cut the wrong thread of yarn.

So after tugging at it, unravelling a little and saying to myself "noooooo, I haven't cut the KNITTING, I've cut the SEAM, it just looks strange!" I actually allowed myself to realise that yes, I had fked it up.

(I'm sorry Anne - I know your daughters read my blog - Hi Girls!! - But you have to agree.. taking scissors INCORRECTLY to knitting warrants the 'f' word!)

So anyway, I'll try to unravel a bit more til I know where I'm at, then rejoin the yarn and knit the top up again.. and if that doesn't work they're such a little bitty booty I'll just knit up another one. So not really such a massive drama - but I feel sort of.. disloyal, and.. unforgiveable, that I've CUT my knitting! My actual knitting! I'm appalled!

*sigh* nevermind! To make it up to my knitting mojo I picked up three balls of lovely bright zesty cotton while out and about today
anchor 1
MANY more booties to come!! =D


2paw said...

Oh no!!! That is awful. I have done that too, and the initial denial is agony!! That Cotton is fun, I bought 12 different colours on special a month or so ago!!!

Ann said...

Well, every knitter has to go thro' that mistake - I did too! We will be wiser the next time we pick up the scissors. Don't worry about the girls, they understand. Love the colors of the cotton - where do you get them from?

nuttnbunny said...

dbl crd!!!!