Saturday, September 08, 2007

Progress report

With all this casting on and many coloured progress bars on the left sidebar there, that don't seem to really be going anywhere at the moment.. well I thought I needed to do a progress report on the knitting situation!!

Montego Bay has been spoken for earlier, and after my nice warm wheat-bag has heated the bed sheets sufficiently ( it's a somewhat blustery, stormy night out there - perfect for snuggly down with a lovely and a wheat-bag!) I shall hop right into bed and keep on knitting away with it to get a bit more substance to the article so I can decided whether I'm happy with the width and gauge.

Ma Hoodii is coming along great guns =D I'm really enjoying it actually! The k2p2 waistband rib is a lovely relaxing knit, not as boring as rows upon rows of stockinette, but simpler than the Montego etc.. very nice indeed :)
I'm working the waistband for longer than the 4" outlined in the pattern - I like a jumper to come down snugly over my hips rather than leave a gappy midriff when I raise my arms.

This photo is a bit flashy so doesn't display the shade of green accurately, but gives a better view of the flecks of crunchy tweed in amongst the yarn.
cph flash

And I have half of a finished object to report also! I say half because of the Bernat Organic Cotton Bubby Booties.. I've only seamed up one!
I really must work on my finishing skills, I just winged this one - but am really keen to get a good book on finishing techniques so I can seam up and such with style! Any book suggestions?

I was eager to finish the pair of booties, but when I looked at the clock after finishing this one I decided that it would have to bide 'til tomorrow, for now my warm bed and lovelies await!!


Rebekkah said...

I just got the Montse Stanley Knitters' Handbook, which is full of great finishing techniques, and great techniques in general.

Almost time for Thai food. Whee!

Dame Wendy said...

That bootie is adorable! :)