Saturday, September 01, 2007

Knitti in the Citi

The Citiknits knitting group I'm part of is SO. MUCH. FUN!! I look forward to it very much and each time it swings around I delight in the great company, variety of projects to see on the go, and of course the stimulating conversation and warm, friendly company.

Meeting fortnightly is perfect - and though I have to drive a long way to get into the city, which on a weekend is that last thing I want to do after 5 days commuting long long hours in the car to and from work, it's worth it for this group! And I don't mind for this group!!
Last fortnight there was an excellent turn out of we knitterly folk, including Sophie - new to our fold from the Eastern states, pictured above holding her crochet table runner, sitting with the lovely Mei and her current sock.
citiknits 2
Here Helen helps another avid Sock Knitter - look at that fluorescent yellow-lime yarn!!

Anne here working on her Lorelei top - lovely! And Carmen working studiously away on her socks! Such fabulous people to spend a Saturday afternoon with!

This week fewer folk were in attendance, but it was an equally enjoyable, inspiring and relaxing time. I have started on my Central Park Hoodie (or "Hoodii" as I like it *grin*) and as I'm still in the ribbing section it was quite blissful to have a simple knit on the needles that I could work on without much attention, whilst chatting and ogling what everybody else was up to!

Last week when I saw Anne knitting up the lovely Lorelei pattern, and that it took only 2 skeins or so of the Knittery 4 ply.. I couldn't resist and snapped up a skein of the Forest Moss colourway - a yarn over which I have been drooling for sometime now, so it is excellent to finally have some in my little nestie featherings!
citiknits knittery yum
The colours are divine, and the yarn so soft with the cashmere content and merino - yum yum! I plan to knit up a Lorelei also, and had reserved the other Forest Moss merino cashmere 4ply skein Anne has (through Knitting Inspirations) - although I may end up needing 3 skeins total to accommodate my pups, in which case I'll simply order another one. No dye-lot dilemmas seeing as each skein is individually done so they are ALL unique dye-lots!! I picked up the 2nd skein from Anne today, and I must say they look very lovely together on the mantel-piece at home!!

p.s. At the Citiknits group one even occasionally sees a book.. in their namesake!
sasha book


Ann said...

Great post! I do enjoy meeting up with all of you as it still amazes me to see all the creative projects that others are working on. Happy Hoodii knitting.

nuttnbunny said...

Super fun!

Leah said...

I love the knittery yarns! Forrest moss is a fantastic colorway! Lucky you snapping some up!