Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sockers for Skootas

Here is the project I have been feverishly knitting away on for the last three weeks! My first completed pair of socks! Hurrah!
Skoot's been away for the last few weeks, and I decided I would knit him up something lovely to present to him on his return! He's a BIG sock fan, loves his socks, so of course that was the obvious choice of hand-knit item to make for him!

My lovely friend Chez taught me her method of knitting socks - Cuff down, with a dutch heel and kitchenered toe. So starting with a double strand long tail cast-on (my first try of this - it was excellent fun!) off I went, knitting madly and having a fabulous time!
long cast
I had taken the scrumptious Skoot's foot measurements some time ago, but decided to go for a ribbing design to ensure a snug and delicious fit. I used the Opal yarn I had secretly bought for him a while back from Anne and Helen of Knitting Inspirations - the colours are perfectly Skoot :)
Using 2.5mm Addi bamboo DPNs, which I adore, I had such fun knitting these up, and they seemed to whooosh off my needles at great speed!! I had a blast doing the dutch heel - I think it a fabulous way to do a sock heel! Can't wait to do more!
Skoot is absolutely delighted with them, and declared them too good to even walk on the clean floorboards with! I insisted they be worn, however, as that is what they were knit for - for him to wear and enjoy! We even took them out for a walk in the bush with us! But we've put a No Work Boots veto on them - leisure and bed-wear only!
I'm very keen to get cracking on another pair - I'd like to try knitting from the toe up with the dutch heel, so I can use up AALLL my sock yarn and produce a nice high cuff. That would be just brilliant :) I so enjoyed having a Skoot project on the needles that I could focus on a think of him while knitting - it's a strange and ill-fitting thing to be away from your significant and treasured loved one for such a time - there are good things and bad associated with it. One of the good things is productive knitting time, and fabulous orange socks for Skoot! =D


Ann said...

The socks look great of Skoot & they fitted him so well. Great job.

bink said...

They look gorgeous :)