Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Fiber Age

Well, I've not been shunted quite back to the dark ages, or stone age yet - but i'm calling in the Fiber Age. See, at the present I am computerless and forlorn! We had to call out the magic computer folks to check out our system seeing as our broadband, fancy-pants general brilliant computer was taking a leisurely 20 minutes to load a SINGLE WEB PAGE!! *regains composure* So, yes, help was required. Unfortunately Mr Magic Computer man could not fix the problem in the $101 hour and a half he was there so suggested he take the tower home to test it withhis network - to isolate whether it's a computer problem, or our router/modem.
So there you have it. No computer. None. Zippo. I keep thinking i'll download that recipe, or print off those sock instructions... nooooooo! NO!! Not anymore I won't!! I've skulked into work to type out this post, but hopefully Mr Magic Computer Man will be able to return my computer, all shiny and happy on Saturday.. hopefully.
To fill this all to evident void in my entertainment and educational needs I've turned, of course, to Fibre Related Pursuits. This skein of 4ply wool has been my fabulous distraction from the current situation!


This shot was taken about a month or so ago when I dyed the yarn (with my new acid dyes - hurrah!!) and had brought it in from drying, to take a Pre-Reskeining shot. I LUFF dyeing with these sorts of colours :)


And here it is all skeined up again, colours mixed through one another to give a good idea of the blend. I like it very much :)
I've decided to use this super large skein (200g) to knit up some socks for my Pa (paternal Grandad) who's in hospital at the moment and could use a nice hand-knit pair of brightly colourd socks, I'm sure :) I plan to try the magic loop method and a sherman toe!! I want to knit them toe-up, and would LOVE any suggestions of how to do a dutch heel, or other such non-shrot row heel in the toe up fashion.
So, now that I'm armed with my print-outs of Sherman toe and Magic Loop instructions I shall log off and scurry home to study, clean, knit and be merry! Well.. as merry as one can be without technology at hand. Which in The Fibre Age I'm finding is actually just fine :)


2paw said...

Oh that is terrible computer news. I remember theme when the first computer with internet access was in our school library. We would go at weekends and wait absolute ages for Red Dwarf pages to download!! I remember thinking I would never be able to afford a computer, and now I have one with the Broadband. How cool is that?? Being without one is like being without basic household appliance!! Love the wool, the colours are so sharp, almost acidic!!!

Ann said...

I wonder how we use to live without a computer & now we cannot live without one. Such bright lovely colors that you have dye - I am sure your Grandpa will love it!

lara said...

I love these colors! Beautiful job, I'm sure it's lovely to knit up and see how they come out!!