Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Very Happy Knitster!

Well, I am just that at the moment!

I have a functioning computer back in the household which makes the geek in me EXTREMELY relieved and excited!! Plus, with a couple of support calls to Anne I've completed my first Sherman Toe for my pair of socks for Pa!! Yay!! =D

I'm super happy with how the yarn is knitting up - I was a bit worried at first that the needles were a bit big and the gauge was a bit loose, but now I have a little more fabric to analyse I'm happy with it :)
sherman toe
I found the Sherman Toe is a very easy technique (as long as I've done it correctly and not unvented it!!) and I think I'll be able to incorporate it into sock knitting for ever more - I can almost remember it through without instructions already in fact! So simple! Hurrah!!

My one hesitation is on one side of the toe(where I did my purl pick ups), the joins aren't as tight and yummy as on the knit edge - but that's ok, I might have missed a vital step, or otherwise simply have not pulled my yarn tight enough when doing the p2tog.. ooorrr... maybe I was meant to purl them through the back loops? Hmm.. on the knit edge you knit the two stitches through the back loops, like a sort of ssk - maybe the instructions left that out but you should do that on the purl side too? Hmmm... anyway!! Apart from that, I'm really happy with it!
sherman toe close
So now I can unzip my crochet cast on.. well, actually I'll have to unPICK not unzip, because I foolishly included the last loop as a stitch so I can't unzip! haha! Nevermind, I can unpick and then get cracking on the foot section!

But for now I must dash back to my studies I'm afraid! That's my knitster quota for the moment!!


pinky-yin said...

I'm so loving the colors!!!!

Lesley (Toque) said...

wow that's beautiful yarn! It looks great :) I also wanted to ask... what kind of add-on or code do you use for your "On the Needles..." section of your blog? I'd love to add a visual in-progress bar for each of my knitting/sewing projects to my blog, too! Thanks for your help :)

(And I hope you don't mind if I add a link to your blog in my list of cool blogs on my own - I love promoting others who knit and make handmade items!)

lesley dot means at gmail dot com

Michelle said...

i really really love those colours!!! you have to dye more yarns sell them ^_^

anyway, try the magic cast on for your next pair of socks!! i reckon they're much easier and no provisional cast ons!!

Ann said...

I am glad that the Sherman Toe works out for you - the colors are really gorgeous. I agree with Michelle - the Magic Loop cast-on is the best as you don't need a provisional cast on - I will show you the next time - it's easy!

shazzy said...

I really love those colours, gunna knock his socks off, so to speak haha

nuttnbunny said...

Cool! I've never tried a toe-up.