Monday, October 15, 2007

King's Park Hoodii

I've been doing quite a bit of knitting on my scrumptious green Central Park Hoodii the last couple of days - I'm really enjoying the cables now I'm well into them!
CPH progress
The curves and coils have started to take shape and the further I get the more defined they are from the rest of the stockinette jumper body - like they're lovely vine tendrils up a garden wall.
CPH central cable
Knitting away on the Central Park Hoodii got me thinking about OUR central city park - King's Park. Perth is lucky enough to be home to the largest inner city park in the world. Yes indeed, at 1000 acres (400 hectares) King's Park is 15% bigger even than New York's famous Central Park - the namesake of our favourite Hoodii. Pretty impressive, huh?
CPH cable
My favourite feature of King's Park is that the vast majority of those expansive hectares are actually left as pristine native bushland. A surprising 86% remains untouched and wild, the remaining park is split between 17 hectares of gorgeous botanic garden and 37 hectares of developed parkland - complete with playgrounds, ponds and all Australians bbqs, it just wouldn't be right without them, would it?
CPH progress2
Now, although I'm a huge fan of this breath-taking country I'm privileged to live in, and clearly a keen advocate for King's Park.. I didn't in fact know all those Perth factoids - apart from the largest inner city park trivia - but gleaned them from the King's Park website, which is a fantastic resource for checking out the loveliness that is King's Park :)


Ann said...

Your Hoodie is coming along very nicely - great job!

Michelle said...

ooh...that's a lot of progress girl!!!!

Helen said...

Wow it's looking very nice and what great progress. Won't be long and you'll have it finished. Wishing you lots of knitting time.

2paw said...

Oh I love the way it is knitting up!! Looks great. I love the Bush Tucker man too!! He had a ginormous hat I remember!!