Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mountains on Fire!

You may recall a month or so ago I received a very exciting Parcel Pick-Up notice in the mail.. and what did it result in, the much anticipated, long-awaited fibrey goodies within the parcel that I so long haven't had opportunity to blog about...?

Three delicious skeins of Socks That Rock Silkie, in the Fire on the mountain Colourway.

Bask. Yes, bask in their loveliness!

It may seem a little odd that I've photographed them lying out in the sun on the airing rack, rather than in tight, twisty little noddle skeins as they generally arrive. Well, my lovely three did indeed arrive in twisty skeins, but when I took them to my Stitch'n'Bitch for all to, of course, fondle and bask in their aforementioned loveliness.. we discovered they were DAMP! yes, DAMP! Still a little moist from the dyeing process!! Can you imagine?! I had thought at first the yarn was just cold, cool to the touch - but Anne confirmed they were indeed delivered still moist! Hence the airing rack - I didn't want the yarn going mouldy or funny in the plastic wrapper or skeined up, so I think I've just about dried it out completely now :)

Aren't the colours just incredible??
I've been yearning after the Fire on the Mountain colourway for some time - since I first discovered Socks that Rock (STR). I initially was planning to purchase the medium weight or such but then I saw the silkie variety. Oh my goodness. The little subtle barber pole affect from the silk/merino mix - from the difference in dye retention of the two fibre types - it took my breath away and I was too intrigued to leave it be! So when I eventually took the purchasing plunge I had to go with the silkie - yum yum!

We've been having a great time lately watching through the dvd and vcr series of the ABC gem The Bush Tucker Man. Good old Les Hiddens has such fantastic adventures across the Top End of Australia and around remote Northern Queensland, camping out and exploring all the bounties and beauties of the Australian Bush - it's brilliant!!

Bush tucker man
So I spent a very enjoyable episode winding the first skein of Silkie into a delicious and juicy ball. I had shveetie pick which of the three skeins I should start with, and we sat snuggled on the couch with the swift set up on the nearby coffee table as I wound and wound and wound my way to this magic delight you see before you!!

Ta da!
FOTM ball

I did discover another little unpleasant surprise as I was winding the skein into a juicy ball though.. Not only did the skeins arrive with some moisture... but a KNOT as well!!!!
FOTM knot
I was most disenchanted but after grumbling to skoota about it for a short time I was able to melt back into the stunning colours and forget the discomfort of the knot. I just hope I can intergrate it into the pattern without any troubles of noticeable changes in colour variation when I stop at the nearest row to tie it in.. unless.. I wonder if I could splice it? Would it flet together nicely for the spit splice do you think? How does silk behave in those conditions...? hmmmm...

My plan for the delicious Silkie has been brewing for sometime also. I have always intended to knit the fantabulous Clapotis with Fire on the Mountain. Add Silkie to that equation and you end up with a delectable, soft and snuggle-tastic wrap - I'm so excited!! I hope to make quite a large Clap, like a pashmina style wrap/stole. I'll just finish up a couple of other goodies on my needles and then I'll be good to get cracking!! =D


Dame Wendy said...

Those colors are great! I love how bright and happy they are. Definitely makes up for the knot. :)

I have no idea about felting silk. My gut says no, but maybe you can. :)

Helen said...

Oh what stunning colours and they are sure to make the most gorgeous Clapotis ever. Can't wait for you to start. Knitty Hugs

Michelle said...

vava voom!! those colours are just tooooooo beautiful for words!!! gotta get some of those for day ^_^