Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Set back

There I was, happily knitting away on my Swallowtail Shawl - really starting to make progress and get into the lace swing..

I was cruising along a purl row, popping the stitches off the left needle, zipping along.

And then...


One stitch popped a little too enthusiastically and in a sudden PING a couple of other stitches on the left needle popped off too! OH NOES!
swallowtail shawl kniterror
The set back appears to have reached down two rows of lace at least, and I have NO idea how to remedy the situation by remaking the stitches and placing them back on the needles. But that's not for lack of trying - oh no! I looked at it purl-side on, then I checked it out from the knit side, tried putting the stitches back on where and how I thought they should be, gauging from the other lace sections that hadn't kamikaze'ed - but no.
swallowtail shawl purlerror
Sadly I think the only thing to do is to unknit the last few rows til I know where I'm at again. A set back indeed, yes? But at least I've put in a couple of life lines - so even if the unknitting goes pear shaped i can always just rip back (gently!) to the latest lifeline. *sigh* all that WORK! Nevermind, for now I shall un-knit and see where I get to!


Michelle said...

oh no!! i hope you'll be able to fix that soon!! it's looking really lovely though!!

Ann said...

Dropping a stitch is a problem - that's why a lifeline wil be useful. Good luck on your re-knitting.