Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coming up roses

The Bunker Bay Scarf is my project of choice at the moment and is coming up roses!

I've had to stop, un-knit and redo several times due to simply mis-counting and doing a 3 stitch knit row instead of a 4 stitch knit row - but I've got it together now I think ;)
Bunkerbay roses
I've done considerably more than this picture shows - I'm now at about the 1 metre mark (40 inches), and I'm hoping to get to about 2metres (80 inches) plus plaited fringe on each end.

I've weighed my scarf so far and it's around 85grams, so seeing as my cone of Ming was a total of 152 grams I might need to end up a little shorter than my planned 2m, but I think blocking it out will give a little more length.


Michelle said...

wow. you're progressing really well and it's looking GOOD!!!

Ann said...

The scarf looks great & I love the colors & the flowers as well.

bink said...

I'm too lazy to open up my email again... :)

A friend just mentioned this website - I think you would already know it since it's associated with Interweave??