Thursday, November 22, 2007


It makes me think of that term "bunburying" or being a "bunbury-ist" from The Importance of Being Earnest. Which of course, in itself has a whole other meaning here in Western Australia too, seeing as we have a whole CITY named Bunbury, not just a vague and distant relative of ill-health!

In anycase, today I went BILBYING! That does not mean exploring for Bilbies (Bilby = cute rabbit-sized Australian marsupial) although that too would have been fun. No indeed, today I finally made my first expedition to Bilby Yarns! Hurrah!!

I had such a fabulous time at the store, had a HUGE chat to the owner, June, and generally hunted about amongst all the aisles of goodies experiencing various levels of tormenting temptation! I had sought out the store today for some 4mm DPNs so I can start tackling some of my Holiday Festivuss (Christimuss Festivuss For the Restuvuss) knitting but also wanted to nab a copy of the Interweave Holiday Knits 2007 if June still had a copy.
holiday knits
She did! SO I happily snaffled up both the mag and a lovely set of grreeeeeeeen cassein 4mm double points - luffly!
clothing protector
I also picked up some brilliant and deliciously scented protective ingots to put in amongst my stash. I intend to have a large studio (and general house tidy up) in the next few weeks and want my stashed fibrey goodies well and truly out of harms way and OFF the menu of any marauding beetles and bugs who might come out from the cracks while I'm moving things about.

This year's Holiday Knits holds a couple of patterns I intend to include in my Festivuss Knitting, so I can't discuss them here of course - but there are some other designs of note that I'm in adoration of at the moment that I can rave about here quite safely :)

One of which is the Classic Teddy Bear, whom I plan to knit for ALL the little people I come across in my life - starting with the two little boys, Rhys and Bosko, who are new additions to my friends and family circle!
classic bear
I'm a big fan of soft toys but they have to have character. Not just mass produced, soul-less stuffies with vacant eyes totally bereft of charisma. This little chap has such an adorable face, and a real teddy bear body that a little person could hold, and snuggle and drag about with them - he has such a good feel about him I think :)

The Felted Messenger bag is GORGEOUS! I love the colours, the patterns, the style - the whole kit and kaboodle!!
felt bag
I wonder who I could make this one for? Not in time for Christmas of course, but it's such a lovely knit I must create it for someone at some time!!

And lastly the Huckleberry Ascot - such a cute little snifter of a scarf - barely there but would keep the wearer so warm I think!
A good sized knit for part of the Festivuss.. maybe I should consider it? I'll have a look through my stash and see what colours and textures I can come up with for it!


Ann said...

Looks like you had a fun time at the store. Wonderful purchases.

shazzy said...

ooooooooooo bilby yarns hey, Ive been dying to get up there, one day I will, was going to do the spinning workshop in dec, but Im going to Koorda that weekend for a 21st so will have to miss that as well. lubly stuff you bought there, I soooooooooooooooo love those dpns, Im a huggggge caesein dpn fan. catch up soon