Saturday, November 24, 2007

Skoota's Fibonacci Thinking Cap

I promised F.O* details, and here they are!!

I decided spur of the moment and with little time to spare, as I often do, that I wanted to knit a little something for the shweetum! To give you a little context, the Shweetum Skoot is something of a Thinking Man, an Inventor, one of those they call an Ideas Man. He's also a science buff and lives with a constant insatiable thirst (can a thirst be insatiable or must it be unquenchable? am I mixing my metaphors here?) for learning new things and discovering quizzical facts and knowledgable treats. In that way he's very like Pa, which was why they got along so well and an extra added little facet of my love for him - he constantly reminds me of other treasured loved ones all the while maintaining a stark and striking individuality, such a unique person I haven't met yet!

In anycase, I'm getting off topic here.. too much smitten Shweetum talk, not enough knitting!! *ahem!*

SO, given the fabulousness of Skoota's mind, I decided he needed something to keep it nice and warm, to encourage and hug those thoughts as they are born into his brains! But I also wanted his head cosy to be equally thoughtful and scientific.

Aha!! Enter the Fibonacci Sequence! I had seen or heard use of the Fibo Sequence elsewhere in the Knit-O-Sphere at some point - perhaps stripes on a jumper? Or the spiral of a tea-cosy?? I can't remember, in any case I decided it was just the ticket for Skoot's thinking cap!

On the delicious Ravelry I found the pattern for the Ballee Button Hat, and from there decided to add the Fibo pattern by way of colour stripes. In essence The Fibonacci Sequence is a pattern that appears naturally in numerous living things - plants, animals, the spiral of pine cones, branches of trees - all over! It comprises of a series of number wherein with abcde... a + b = c then b + c = d and c + d = e etc.. So starting at 1 it follows : 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 etc.. and so do the stripes!!
fibo thinking hat (2)
[Pointy up!]
I carried the yarn up the inside of the hat, knitting with my newly adored Magic Loop method on the Options needles, size... uhhmm.. size 3.5mm? I need to read up on carrying the yarn, I'm sure there's a neater and more professional sparkley method than mine!
fibo thinking hat (1)
[fibo stripes! but hat too long, decreases to gradual - frogging time!]
I had to mess with the pattern, completely changing it really, due to my differing gauge, hat size and such - but made it essentially to match the design - little crochet loop on top and a button! Skoot actually came with me to select the button, I had such a hard time trying to find just the right one on my own! It's absolutely delectable, Skoot and I are so happy with the outcome - Pointy antennae up for the thinking, Pointy buttoned down for casual! hehee!
fibo thinking hat (5)
[Pointy buttoned!]
Now I must dash- I can smell cupcakes ready to come out of the oven!! *grin*
[If you look closely you can even see some cupcake batter I got on the beanie while taking the final belated shots tonight! hehe!!]

*Non-Knitters (muggles) glossary: F.O = Finished Object


nuttnbunny said...

Totally stripetacular!!

Ann said...

The hat looks great & you are so clever to make all the right changes! Great job.