Friday, November 09, 2007

Do You NaKniJuMo!?!?

Yes, I can't believe it either - I'm on the one month mission with NaKniSweMo!!
Those of you who've heard of NaNoWriMo will recognise that NaKniSweMo was born from the fantastic NaNoWriMo plan of writing a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. NaKniSweMo is similarly bound to the 30 month of November, but for knitting a 50,000 stitch (or so) sweater! In my case, however, it's not a 'sweater' but a jumper that I tend to knit, being Australian and all, so I have affectionately started to refer to it as 'NaKniJuMo' instead!!

NaKniSweMo is the brainchild of the rather fabulous Shannon of Knitgrrrrrrrrl (it's more fun to say if you add more 'r's *grin*) and I'm SO excited to be on board! There's a support group over at Ravelry for those who are interested in getting in behind the scenes, but for those who don't want to troll through the forums, or don't have Ravelry invites I shall be keeping an ongoing update, and potentially panic-stricken sob-story, right here on mah blawg (also more fun to say that way). In fact I've decided to make Monday's NaKniJuMo days, seeing as the Mo at the end reminds me of Mondays *chuckle* Mo Mo Monday!! hehehehe can you tell it's past my bed time??

Oooh now before I forget I must clue you in on WHAT I'll be knitting in 30 days!! Well.. 22 days now, really... Now, it's sort of out-of-the-ordinary because I haven't cast this ON in November.. butbeforeyourunoffindisgusthearmeout!! The jumper I'll be doing for NaKniJuMo is my Central Park Hoodii!! Yaaayyy! =D See, i figure that even though I'm already 18% through the Hoodii.. we're already THIRTY PERCENT through November!! Does that freak anybody ELSE out?!

hehehe so there you have it!! My dynamic plan for jumper-tastica! *grin* Now, let's not forget that I have socks for Pa and Gran's shawl that I need to finish ASAP.. they will of course remain my focus, which is the added challenge to NaKniJuMo for me - The 'ju' I'll be 'kni'ing this 'mo' isn't even going to be my primary monogamous project!!!

And with that bombshell I shall stumble off to bed!


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Ann said...

Sounds like an exciting plan but I am not keen on casting on a garment now as I just dread the thought of putting the pieces together - a vest will be great! Good luck!