Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Truckin' !!

It's official!

I'm a trucker girl!
truck (4)
Today at 7:55am I had my Heavy Rigid truck test.. and PASSED!! Whaaheeeeeeeeee!

*happy dancings*

I am SO excited, as this is Step One of the Sash'n'Skoot Plan For Ultimate World Domination, and now I can check it off the list! Hurrah!!

I had decided that I'd back a cake to take in today - it would either be a Celebration Cake or a Comfort Cake. In any case, whilst cooking said cake (happily it turned out to be the Celebration Cake as we know!!) i crack in the first of two eggs and what did I see...?
Oh. My. Goodness.
This egg had TWO yolks. Yes, doubt me if you wish, but look at the evidence! ONE shell! TWO yolks!! *shudder* I tried not to think about it.. I mean.. a chicken's menstrual cycle, really, isn't it? I'm sorry to go down that road, I know it's not pleasant so let's hurry right along with some more truckie trivia!

The ones I was driving, and am now licenced for averaged about 16 tonnes and 12 metres long but they're like little sissy girl kitten *russian accent* to drive!! Everything air-assisted, power steering - lovely!

All i need now is the 'uniform' - my navy blue singlet and a pair of stubbies!!

p.s. The dye job went well apart from this bit
which lets the whole bloody skein down in my opinion so I plan to fix it up this evening with a few little dye tricks I might have up my sleeve... But that's all the visual insight I'm posting!It's still a secret!! *wink*


Michelle said...

oooh!!! congrats sasha!! now this is what i call girl power!!! driving a 16 tonnes 12 metres long truck!!!

nuttnbunny said...

You are SO inspirational! Plus - I plan to incorporate "little sissy girl kitten *russian accent*" into every conference call I have today for work!!! :-)

Ann said...

Congrats & I am so happy for you that you are on track in your plan - but at the same time sad that I will not be seeing you when you work up north.

bink said...

Toot toot :)

I think double yolks are more common from small scale, free-range, organic sorta chicky eggs, so take it as a sign that your chicken was happy and healthy :)

Helen said...

A big congratulations hug. I'm so please for you that your plans are on track. Power on!