Friday, November 30, 2007

Dye job - c'est fini!

Very exciting, and I'm thrilled with the outcome! But I'm afraid the only visionary delight I can share of the completed dyeing of Anne's yarn is this little sneak peek..
ann'es yarn sneak peek
Once I've returned the skein to Anne and she's seen the final colours then I'll share it - but til then, I must be ninja-like and stealthy!!

p.s. You'll notice the above photo is the same section I photoed earlier - it was the troublesome area I had to re-dye, but now it is fabulous, hurrah! =D


Ann said...

My goodness, you are getting me so excited! Will you be going to City Nits this Sat or do I have to wait till Tues?

nuttnbunny said...

Beyond fabulous!