Saturday, November 03, 2007


(cross-posted with Central Park Hoodie KAL)

I'm well into my first trial of the Magic Loop method and ABSOLUTELY loving it!!

I learned the technique by watching the great video over at - very informative, very free and very FANTASTIC!!
knittinghelp button
I'm so excited because i've been wanting to knit the Hoodii sleeves in the round, but didn't want to splash out for more DPNs. Plus then there's the worry that the DPNs will be a slightly different size (even though marked the same) than my knitpicks Circs I'm using for the rest of the Hoodie! So problem solved!! I can use the very same circular now! Wheee!! =D

In other news I've had a few things happen (Granpa in hospital I want to knit for) so I'm focusing on other projects for the moment and have had to put Hoodie to the side in my woven basket. It calls to me though sometimes, as I sit on the couch knitting feverishly away on Pa's socks or Gran's shawl - "knit meeee!! Finish up soon, so you can knit me agaaaiin!"
CPHoodie in basket
It won't be long Hoodii.. I promise :)


Ann said...

Another trick in your bag! That's great!

Melinda said...

Beautiful colour for the hoody. Looks like it's going to be great.