Tuesday, October 30, 2007


No sooner was my world sunny with roses than the computer CRASHED AGAIN!!!
So.. with my ipod only on a minimal charge, photos partially uploaded to flickr, and generally behind in my blogginess and ravelrising I was left again yesterday without contact to the computer age!!
Luckily I was able to organise the Magic Computer folk to come out again to see what was going on and it seemed we got to the bottom of it!!

Yes, the observant among you will have noticed I used the past tense.. "seemed"...

*more frustration*

This morning the monitor had another little tantrum but hasn't crashed as yet - thank goodness. So I'm hanging in there hoping it'll last out! Magic Computer man thought it was the graphics drivers, so last night we downloaded and re-installed etc.. but maybe it's the graphics CARD? I don't knoooow!! I tell you, it's an excellent lesson in not takign things for granted! hehehe And to be honest it could be a lot worse - so I'm really not having that much of a whinge-fest :)

During my few hours back online I did manage to pack it all in and get a fair amount of browsage done! Amongst my adventures I discovered the BuyHandmade.org pledge - which completely epitomises my current plans for Christmas! I'm so excited!!

handmade pledge button

I've signed up with the pledge, and will be making a lot of goodies for Christmas this year, including my cards, but for those gifts I don't have time to do or people I can't customise or create works for, I plan to purchase handmade goodies for them too :) Either from etsy.com or through oxfam or the like. Also I've been looking at other options - like donating to charity on behalf of giftees!
It's very exciting to see this idea has taken off around the globe,and that perhaps the festive season might be on it's way to a less commercial and superficial phase of existence! :)

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2paw said...

How awful for you computer wise. I hope they get to the bottom of the problem soon. I love the handmade Christmas idea: I have started making things, I just have to be more consistent!!!!