Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cracking Chrissie Korkies!

Well the festivities came and went with the blinking of an eye, and the cracking of a Korknisse!!
festivuss 2007 knitting (11)
I wanted to knit many more of these little korkies than I had time for, but next year I plan to be very prepared!
festivuss 2007 knitting (1)
These little fellows were knit up and packaged in pretty shiny colours in preparation for the gifting :)
festivuss 2007 knitting (32)
Very well received!
festivuss 2007 knitting (34)
It's a fabulous little pattern, originally sourced here, but Elliphantom's troops of 'nisse are VERY inspiring too! :) I altered the pattern somewhat - no ribbing and basically knit intuitively seeing as the design is rather simply (yet ingenious!!) and stopped/decreased when it seemed right!
festivuss 2007 knitting (29)
I loved these little people so much it was very difficult to part with them! I think I'll have to knit up a few to keep our mantelpiece company *grin*
festivuss 2007 knitting (30)
I hope everyone enjoyed the festivities with much laughter and love and remains safe and happy as we encounter the New Year!

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2paw said...

These are so gorgeous, thanks for the link!!!!!!