Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fruit Punch!!

Last week whilst meeting up with some knitterly buddies I was able to return Ann's yarn to her - now slightly more colourful than before!!

Behold!! I have named it - Fruit Punch! For obvious reasons..
fruit punch

So now I can share the details and photos I took whilst dyeing but had to keep aside lest I spoil the surprise!

I've finally got the knack down for preparing the bench in a safe and stain-resistant manner, so I was able to go at it!! Spreading out the skein and painting away..
anee's yarn 1
This photo shows the yarn before I added the black, which was intended to be stark strong black and contrast brilliantly with the popping fruity colours. But alas, you saw the outcome of that - murky and not at all what I had in mind! And so I redyed later, the results of which I used as that green sneak peek a few posts ago :)

So after besmirching it with black, then it travelled into the big pot, with a cup of water to ensure the yarn didn't dry out , and into the oven for a toasty moasty time!
anne's yarn 2

After rinsing and drying the skein out I pondered on my dilemma with the yellow/black section and decided, as you know, that re-dyeing was the best, only even, solution! And here is the final result, being re-skeined.
anne's yarn
The dye skein was to wide for my swift! Ack! So I improvised a handy box of books on the couch to help me re-wind!

So there you have it, or Ann has it to be precise! And I hope she loves the colours and enjoys knitting them up into something tangy and FRUITY!
fruit punch 2

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Ann said...

The colors are gorgeous - thanks a million for the great job! I am just admiring it at the moment & have not decide on what to knit.