Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Well, I didn't complete my Hoodii within November, so I didn't do a very good job at NaKniJuMo!! Started late and didn't even finish - ha! Nevermind, maybe next year I'll be in a better place to get my teeth really sunk in to this fun knit along.

So how did I go? I finished the torso and after much measuring and re-measuring I completed the armhole shaping too!! Hurrah!
cphoodii torso measurements
So by the end of November I had a nice complete body section all done and dusted =D
cphoodii torso
I also started on the first sleeve, but I don't think that was technically in November! It's looking good though and I'm still completely smitten with Magic Loop:)
I plan to make the ribbing at the cuff a bit longer than the pattern, to match the longer ribbing at the hips. Plus this'll make the cuffs ultra-juicy in winter when it's super cold and I want to have the ribbing down over my knuckles too - and when it's not so freezey I can fold them up into a double cuff - yay!

Yesterday I sat with some of my lovely knitting sisterhood and learned yet another skill! The 3-needle bind off!
Ann is such an excellent tutor and had me binding off with the three needles in no time! It really is a very handy, quick and easy technique - I don't know why it's not more well known or commonly used?
So now my Hoodii torso is actually WEARABLE as a sort of incomplete vest! haha!
I'm really pleased with how it's coming along and have to FORCE myself to leave it alone while I do my frantic Christimuss Festivuss knitting!

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Michelle @ knitty-bitty said...

hurrah!! you've got a vest!! cant wait for it to transform into a jumper!!!! way to go girl!!!