Monday, December 03, 2007

Learning New Things

Festivuss is drawing ever closer, which means I MUST prise myself away from my Hoodii and get stuck into the Christmas knitting I have planned! I'll give an update on the Hoodii and how far I got in NaKniSweMo next time, but today I'm learning new things!

First up is the infamous NUPP. Oh yes, I'm into the border of the Swallowtail Shawl but have stalled there. I'm finding the nupps quite tricky. I tried the suggestion of [sl2, p3tog, psso] and managed one, but then I found even the purl three together was too difficult to get my needles under! So after a bit of reading today I've discovered a secret! On the preparatory row with the [k1, yo, k1, yo, k1] all into the same stitch I've been doing them with a normal tension - oh no my friend! The recommendation is to do those stitches VERY loosely, that way you're able to slip your needle underneath for a p5tog easy peasey! Plus the resultant nupp is nice, juicy and plump! hehe so that will be the order of the day! I shall unknit the prep row and redo it with very loose stitches and see how I go from there =D It's very exciting! I'm hit with the lace fever again!

The other form of learning came in a natty website called Free Rice.
A non-profit site that challenges you to work on your vocabulary by answering multiple choice word definition questions - the prize being twenty grains of rice donated per correct answer! The rice is donated through the U.N. and the site is funded by advertisers whose ads appear at the bottom of the screen in a pleasantly unobtrusive way. So far I've donated 740 grains of rice (about one bowl?) and am at vocab level 41. So go play! Improve your vocabulary and be involved in creating food for the hungry folks out there! But be warned, it's VERY addictive!!
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This post was brought to you by our sponsor, the ChilliFund : an imaginary organisation raising bowls of dog-biscuits for food-obsessed insatiable hounds all over the world.

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pinky-yin said...

its addictive all right... my vocab isnt as high.. only 38, and after dunno how long...managed 2000 grains! will be back to play some more :)