Thursday, January 03, 2008

First FO!

Turns out that my first Finished Object for 2008 is quite unexpected!

The Bunker Bay Scarf!
Bunker Bay complete!

I haven't really touched this silky knit in what seems like ages! But I realised a good friend who lives in a far away state is having her birthday early this month (tomorrow in fact!) and I would love her to have this scarf :) She's a fellow knitter, but doesn't purl or do any shaping - garter stitch baby blankets are her project of choice and she produces some lovely big ones!!

So all that is left to do is block it out, let it dry, then pop it in the express post to get to her! =D


Michelle said...

sasha!! this looks really gorgeous!!!

2paw said...

OK. You have knitted already??? It is beautiful!!!

Ann said...

The scarf is gorgeous & I am sure your friend will be very happy with it. Happy New Year.