Thursday, January 03, 2008

Life lessons

I have found that I tend to prioritise gift knitting, and items I'm working on for other people highly above knits I have on the go for me. This is why my first pair of socks, anklets for me, started in 2006 still consist of only one sock!

So.. if one doesn't have the ability, or in my case, can't seem to pin down the time, to knit socks for oneself... I have found the solution! Buy REALLY awesome manufactured socks!
new socks!
Oh my goodness, these little puppies are DREAMY! Cotton blend so they're nice and cool, but thick and cushy too - I'm like a child padding around the house in them and zooooming down the hallway's polished boards as I slide along in my snazzy new socks!

The other life lesson is.. when it's a STINKING hot day and the power goes out for the whole suburb, with an estimated re-activation delay of 3 hours, so no fans let alone air-con to save you from the suffocating heat..? LEAVE the house, and go to somewhere like this..
beach Dec 07
Again, dreamy, huh?

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