Friday, January 25, 2008

Knitting Progress!

Of the projects on my needles at the moment I seem to be focussing on just three at present. These three projects are quite different which is why I think it works so well to knit them concurrently.

First of all I've been tonking away on the Flowerbasket Shawl which is turning out to be a lovely pattern with the Seabreeze Knittery yarn - yum yum! This project is excellent for mild entertainment moments - such as staying up til 2am watching the tennis.. hmm.. Maybe the 2am part is a little counterproductive, but I must say I'm finding tennis to be a sport most conducive to knitting! Perhaps not so relaxing as the Tour De France, a knitter must have quick neck reflexes to glance up and back swiftly between stitches and points!

My fabulous, riotously colourful birthday project -The Clap is coming along swimmingly too! I've been enjoying knitting along with this one in much more social times. The pattern is engaging enough to be done in front of a movie or television too, but also straight forward to allow for chatting and distracted attention.
clap close 2
Apart form, that is, at the knitting group the other night when, so involved in talking with Jolene and Shaz, I looked down at my knitting and gasped - A HOLE?!! Oh nooo!! And prompted tinked back a row.. then realised that.. uh.. that little hole is MEANT to be there.. it's where the dropped stitch will shoot down to! Gah!! hehe nevermind! A mistaken identity of a YO for an actual problem - these things I can live with!
clap 23 jan
I'm very happy with how the Socks That Rock, Fire On The Mountain is knitting up. There's a little bit of pooling here and there, but I really enjoy the effect it gives the fabric, and I know the pooling will vary as the garment continues, seeing as it's knit on the bias, so it will be like a watercolour painting. A bright and shocking watercolour painting.. but I like it!
clap close
Ihad intened to knit it very large, like a fabulously snuggly pashmina, but when I lay my pashmina wrap out on the bed, to gauge what width I would continue knitting to before going on with the straight section of The Clap I realised just HOW big and snuggly my pashminas are!! Hmm.. so will need to reassess the size situation!

And lastly I have just finished turning the heel of the first of Dad's socks! Hurrah!!
Dad's sock!25 Jan (2)
So not only project progess here, but progress in my skill set as a knitter too! I executed a gusset heel with slip stitch flap on the cuff-down socks I knit for Skoot, but this is my first Toe-Up heel gusset experience :)
Dad's sock!25 Jan (4)
I'm very happy with how it's turned out and.. oh dear.. no pun intended there.. and with how the socks are coming along in general :) My feet are of course a lot smaller than Dad's, but at least the photo demonstrates my progress!
Dad's sock!25 Jan (1)
Unfortunately I must now put the needles down and continue progressing in the much less thrilling elements of houseworkare study! But nevermind, progress inmost areas of life tend to give some level of satsfaction- even if a little mundane!


Ann said...

Wow - you are knitting quite a lot ! Congrats on the heel turn of the sock - it looks great.

2paw said...

Oh it is riotous and watercoloury!
How funny that you thought there was a hole and it was the pattern! I tend to do things like that too!

Michelle said...

you are soooo productive lately!!! so many wips!!!!??? cant wait to see them this saturday!!!!