Monday, January 28, 2008

2nd, 3rd, 4th Hand?

Aren't Op Shops such a fantastic source of fabulous hidden precious treasures?!

All sorts of exciting items, filled with history and meaning. You can find goodies from people's past, complete with inscriptions inside book covers, little treasures within miniatures tins, forgotten photos within book pages and so on - pieces of someone's story.

And these enticing goodies, once discarded by someone, no longer wanted or needed, can now become your most wanted treasure! Something fabulous and marvellous you've discovered again, or been looking for for ages - a wonderous discovery!

I even know a certain someone *sideways glance at Shaz* who found the complete Barbara Walker Stitch dictionary at the local Op Shop for under a dollar! A DOLLAR people!!

In anycase, my most recent discovery has not been that exciting or momentous, but a nice little walk back in time - with 'KNITTING and homecraft' magazine, edition #9, August. It doesn't state anywhere what year, but I'm guessing somewhere mid 60s to 70s by the look of the garments inside!
vintage knitting mag (2)
My most favourite, for cultural history's sake, is this dashing number, modelled by a chap who is obviously quite an admirer of household crockery.
vintage knitting mag
Not many of the items have been added to my knit queue, I must admit, HOWEVER! I did discover this fabulous Kitchen Set!
vintage knitting mag (1)
Including something I've never encountered before.. A Toaster Cosy!!

Now go on, run right out to your Op Shops and see what excellent goodies you can uncover!! :)


2paw said...

Oh, a toaster cosy!!! How gorgeous!! You have to be dedicated, I think. I never remember to go regularly, I must do that this year!!

Ann said...

I also like browsing in those shops as there are always little "surprises"! Great finds.