Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lacely lately

Over the holiday week I've been working rather exclusively on the Swallowtail Shawl. I've been thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to sit and knit a good deal of it in one go, seeing as I'm not working or studying as much at the moment. I seem to find it easier now that I'm able to get into a real rhythm of the knitting, rather than the stilted action of doing one row at a time.

Having finished main body chart of the shawl earlier in the year I was on to the NUPPS!
Swallowtail lace
After some false starts and a brief hiatus, broken by some fabulous encouragement from the inspirational Rebekkah :) I was off and racing!
Swallowtail Lily Valley 2 (1)

Here are the competed sections of nupps in their pretty little rows - like little beads!

Swallowtail Lily Valley 2 (6)

The lace landscape is looking lovely - the puffy pretty nupps popping out from the stockinette areas. I'm SO keen to finish and block it out to see the lace in all its glory!

The yarn I'm using is Seasilk, so any hot tips on blocking lace would be greatly appreciated :) I'm going to do some researching before I block to make sure I don't hurt the fibre. I've heard some folk say silk doesn't need a complete dousing in water, only a misting before being blocked. But then others have done the whole dunk and it's been fine.. hmmm.. Anyway, I'll cross that blocking bridge when I get to it! Still another 9 rows to go, plus the 320+ stitch bind off at the end!!

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Michelle said...

Hi Sasha, your shawl is looking great!!! cant wait to see it when you're finished!!