Monday, January 14, 2008

Out of the box

Come on everyone!!
You've commented on my blog before!

Now all of a sudden everyone gets shy and apathetic when I have an exciting mystery object and even offer PRIZES!! Prizes people!! Gah!

In's alright.. I forgive you :)

Do you want to know the answer? What exciting object skoot and I got out of that GIANT box and have been experimenting with since?

Screens on sprinter

Wheee!! Would anyone have guessed it, do you think? I know the picture may have been a little hard to see the scale and dimensions of it - but it's very exciting all the same!!

The beauty of a 4 screen carousel is we can use 4 colours and more involved screen stencils much more easily - yay!! We've sourced all the goodies we need to get cracking - photo emulsion, scoop coater, squeegies, water based printing paints, gel emulsion remover and so on! Skoot is much more savvy on screen printing than I am, but I had the thrill of executing the very first print on our new setup!
[First run!]

I definately need to work on my technique! But nevertheless, we got a print out of it! And a knit-related print of course *grin*
first print!
[First print!]

We tried a shirt after the initial paper print, but in our frigging around the paint had dried a little on the screen, so the shirt was a bust print, and now has a new home in our rag bag!!

Nevermind! There will be many more prints and shirts to come! =D
So just be sure you come out of YOUR box and comment when there's a another prize draw! *wink*


Tina said...

I would never have guessed it. I don't even know what it is after being told what it is. ;p Great new toy. :)

Dame Wendy said...

How fun! What an awesome idea. :)

2paw said...

No, I had no idea what it might be. But it prints really well. The KNIT looks fabulous!!! We did screen printing in Art at Uni. I did like it, we visited an artist and she had a photocopy thing that you put special 'paper' through and it made a stencil and she printed one off fabrics. Very cool!!! (I am all up with the artistic 'lingo'!!!)

Deborah said...

I tried to figure it out but I would have never been able to guess that. Very cool though!

Anonymous said...

I wopuld never have guessed either, even dragged the boy/man to the puter to look at it for me... then I just gave up.. Hope you and skoot enjoy it. looks fun, you will have to show how it works hey.


Ps wont accept my password duh

Ann said...

I would never have guess it correctly. Wow - a printing machine. When are you taking orders?