Thursday, January 17, 2008

Emergency lace!

Yesterday we left Perth for an unexpected road trip!

We embarked upon a bit of an adventure up to Kalgoorlie to see some family, an adventure that involves about 7 hours of driving each way!

And you know what that means... Knitting time!

Skoot and I did share the driving time on the way here, and we will on the way back too - but I didnt manage to get a fair start on the Flower Basket Shawl!

flower basket beginnings
[terribly blurry car photo]

Yes!! MORE lace! It seems I am addicted *shakes head*
A terrible state of affairs - I wonder is there such a thing as L.A? Lace-aholics Anonymous? Well.. there is Ravelry, I suppose.. but that's more like an alcoholic going to the pub than an AA meeting!!

I'm using the lace weight (2 ply) fine merino from The Knittery (double stranded) in a discontinued colourway - Seabreeze. I bought this yarn specifically for this project, to knit for my maternal Gran, but had some hesitations as I thought the lace patterning might be lost in the variations of colours in the gorgeous blues and purples of the Seabreeze. I was also concerned that a wool shawl might be too warm for the Australian climate and that another silk shawl might be the practical way to go. In the end I decided to stick with the Seabreeze but use larger needles to ensure the lace design is clearlyvisible

It's quite a repetitive knit which makes it nice and easy for car knitting, I can chat with Scrumptious Skoot as we drive. So for the trip home I'll see how much further I can get through the basket repeats. It seems to be zooming along at the moment, that's for sure!

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Ann said...

I do love lace knitting too & it's additive. Now that I am knitting a rectangular lace shawl, I know that I will prefer to knit a triangular shawl as it's more interesting with the increases.