Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sash's Stash

Allow me to present...

My Stash
Stash Jan 08 (10)

Such a beautiful thing to behold, but at the moment, it also feels a little crushing - no that's too strong.. how do I describe it..

See, I'm a fan of a stash, I really am. But as I mentioned in yesterday's post, for me there's that line between inspiring and guilt-evoking. And at the moment I'm past that line and into the guilt and trapped feeling - like I can't chooose what I want to knit, I must keep up with all these fabulous plans I've had and all the lovely yarn I've purchased and thereby comitted to!

In anycase, I'm being rude, allow me to introduce you to my stash, properly.

Starting at the left side of the couch and moving across.. We have the cotton balls. Some freedom, bernat organic, quite a little gang of Anchor there, some Jo Sharp in black, some fancy pants ones that start with M (I can't rememebr!) and a few odd bits and pieces. Perfect selection for cotton cloths, baby items and perhaps the odd Amigurumi when my crochet skills are up to it?
Stash Jan 08 (8)

Moving along we encounter the rather rare and deluxe, sock and lace yarns.. mmm.. yes.. An elegant and sophisticated bunch, including Koigu, Sunshine Yarns (in delicious Welsh Green Dragon), Sea Silk, Socks That Rock Silkie (in another edible colourway - Fire on the Mountain), Misti Alpaca, and the ever enticing Golden Chai. Amongst the gathering there we also find some Opal remnants, both wool and cotton blends, some Lang Woll, and special guest star hand-painted (by me) big scarlet skein at the front there.
Stash Jan 08 (7)

Close neighbours to the deluxe yarns, we find the equally divine but somewhat fluffier, cuddlier yarns. Jo Sharp silk road in various colours (yum!), some Heirloom, Colinette Point 5 in popsicle, completely edible Knittery Cashmere sock at the front in that dreamy forest moss green and some stow-away Hemp at the back there pretending to be squooshy ;) I won't dob them in!
Stash Jan 08 (3)

The Squooshiness continues with 100% wool Freedom in a lusciously snuggle-able unplied fluff, Bendigo alpaca and harmony, Bendigo Classics in silver and navy (cannonballs remaining from some Hogwarty knits!), and then the super dreamy and utterly nestle-against-the-cheek-able handspuns.. mmm... some by me, others by the fantastic Yarn Wench
Stash Jan 08 (2)

Causing havoc up there on the top of the couch we find some hand-dyed skeins! These ones were worked up in small amounts to demonstrate food-colour dyeing at one of the knitting groups I go to. Not much yarn in each, but enough for small projects, baby goodies or stubbby holders etc.. I love LUFF these colours, particularly skoot's psychedelic one in the middle there.. oh and the green one with little flecks.. and then the orange.. hmm.. can't comitt - love them all!
Stash Jan 08 (4)

Then there's still another box of random single balls of pure wool, and novelty fluff.
Stash Jan 08 (1)

And of course that doesn't include my remaining 5 skeins of Donegal Tweed I'm using for my Hoodii..
Stash Jan 08 (12)

Oh, and my fibre stash for spinning too..
Stash Jan 08 (9)


You see now why I need to sloooooow down and start using the 'knit' verb instead of the 'collect' verb!! hehee

So I have concocted a plan. A rather cunning plan I feel. It incorporates both respecting, adoring and USING my already stashed lovelies, but also allowing room for current inspirations, creative impules and love-at-first-sight! I shallknit away on my current projects etc as normal, and for each two balls/skeins I knit up from my current lovelies I can adopt another one ball/skein! That way the amount will slowly diminish butnot feel cramped or restricted. Since I don't really go nuts buying yarn I think I'll be happily satisfied with this arrangement and quite content :)

Let's see, shall we? I think I'll make these Stash airings a regular sort of thing, once a year or so, maybe more frequently. It'll be interesting to see which yarns get snaffled up and used quickly and which others I tend to enjoy the look and idea of but not actually knit with much!

*contented sigh* Now I am armed with a plan of action I feel much relived from the guilt and weight of the Stash. I can now carefully squirrel it away again in it's nice boxes, waiting for the next time I go poking about and reaquainting myself!


Inori said...

No no.. you are so adding Malabrigo to your stash. And He will be King of your stash. Hehehehhee

2paw said...

Thank you for your stash tour. I love all the excellent greeny goodness that's in the pictures!!!

Ann said...

I think every knitter needs a stash as we can't be running out of yarn. I won't dare put all my stash in one place & photograph them - it will be too scary!

Inori said...


lara said...

I like your logic! it's good to have a working relationship with the stash, not to ignore it or fret about it, but to live with it and use it creatively!