Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Something a little new and a little little

So I decided that I'd like a little black shrug of some description, in a summery sort of fibre.

I wanted a shrug that was lacey, holey, in fact it didn't have to reeeally be all that warm at all - more like a modesty snug, to cover the shoulders and dress up a singlet for more semi-formal-casual attire, but if it kept the cool breeze off so much the better.

I browsed around and Lo! Is anyone here surprised that the charming and dashing Ravelry came to my rescue, suggesting a perfectly suitable pattern? I didn't think so ;) The pattern that fell into my lap as I browsed about was the Reading-In-Bed Shrug by Pam Allen. A most fabulously little, lacey shruggy shrug - it would do just the trick!


Then I remembered that Spotlight's stocking a rather lovely shiny smooth Bamboo/Cotton blend that would do nicely, and a good price too!

Unsurprisingly, as I'm sure most knitters and craftsfolk out there can attest to, the passion grabbed me straight away! Particularly following an evening discussing patterns, sales and spotlight yarns last night with Shaz I was pretty keen to head on over to Spotlight to see what I could see!

But I was diligent, I was productive, I got my chores and study done first before I even entertained the notion of heading out to check out luscious fondle-ables. And then I paused. I thought.. why not pop out to the nestie and check on The Stash. Y'know, paruse what I have already to make sure I don't double up on anything.

I had heard excellent things about the Cleckheaton Naturales - great for dyeing up. And the bamboo/cotton of course for my shrug, Ooohh! And the Cleckheaton Vintage yarns had also caught my eye - sort of Noro-ish colour variations.. So you see, there were several temptations luring me out to the store.

But I did the responsible thing, I unlocked La Nestie and I took out the two boxes that store my lovely fibrey goodness and brought them into the lounge to examine.


Now.. I'm actually a fan of A Stash. I think it's health and important for the creative process to have a palette of textures and colours before you, a pool of delicious inspiration to dip your finger into and swirl around testing and playing with different options and possibilities. But for me there's a limit. There's a fine line and once crossed The Stash feels more burdensome than inspiring - I feel the desire to knit ALL the things I want to ALL at once and there's simply not enough time and what will I DO!? and then I feel guilty and start to feel BAD about my knitting - and that is NOT ok.

I adore almost all of the yarns in my stash and stroked them adoringly as I spread out The Stash across the couch.. yes, the entire couch.. I even took pictures to document The Stash size and contents for future reference (and blog display of course).

So... Let's just leave it that I'm not going to Spotlight today. The little black shrug can wait. I've decided to stay at home and KNIT!

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Ann said...

Great minds think alike - I was at Spotlight this morning & bought 5 balls of the bamboo/cotton for a singlet top that my daughter wanted. It's a lovely yarn as I have cast on & knitting away.