Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Very lucky knitter!

I am officially a very lucky and very SPOILT knitter!!

We had an unexpected knit night yesterday which was LOVELY seeing as I'd missed the actual first official Kwinana FIbre Arts Group meeting!

The fabulous Shaz and lovely Jolene and I sat and knit, chatted, poured over each others' goodies and generally had a knit-tastic time - just what I needed!! :)

You know what makes me extra specially lucky though? Not only do I have a fabulous bunch of knit-buddies; Citiknits, the Willetton library, the Spinning Guild and now the Kwinana Fibre Artsies... THEY'RE SO GENEROUS TOO!!

I have been absolutely spoilt! Spoilt rotten you would even say!

Knowing it had been my birthday these Stunning Stitchers both brought gifts to the group!! *blush* How spoilt did I feel?!?! Thankfully I'd brought along a box of chockies for us all to chow down on, so at least I felt like I'd contributed something!

Shaz had sewn me up a bright and brilliant sock sack! I adore the dazlingly bright and funky little flowers on the fabric, and the little zippered sacky is the perfect size for socks on the go! (as you can see by Dad's socks poking their toe out there for a peek around!!)
sock sack!
Shaz didn't stop there, she ensured I was thoroughly spoilt by also including those magic blue bear toppers (perfect for my 4mm DPNs! how did she know?!) and some very pretty beaded stitch markers made by her daughter!
stitch markers

Jolene presented me with a teeny tiny green box, hand made of course! And inside.. something equally teeny tiny and equally green...
mini socks 3
Miniature socks!!
mini socks 2
And I mean absolutely miniature - look at the scale here on my hand!!
mini socks!
Made true blue though with a little tiny gusset heel and tiny ribbing at the top of each cuff - teensy little socksies!! I am SO in love with them and have them hanging in the hallway by the door so everyone can see them! :) Jolene even dyed the yarn so it would stripe especially for tiny socks! Isn't she UNREAL!?

And the giving certainly didn't stop there! With Shaz moving house she decided some of her magazines might be ready to relocate to new homes - and relocate they DID! Jolene and I left with arms full and heavily loaded - LUCKY!
knit goodies

Thank-you SO much Lovely Ladies for spoiling me so, lifting my spirits and being such knit-tastic buddies!! :)


Inoriz said...

Don't mention it! I am happy you loved the socks-that-made-me-almost-puncture-my-eyeball-with-2mm -DPNs.

I'd teach you Mahjong if you'd teach me how to spin!

2paw said...

Wow, you are very lucky, and excited!! Such lovely stitch markers, great magazines and the tiny green socks are beautiful. Of course I ahve a special affinity with the sock tote!!!

StarSpry said...

You really did get spoiled! What fun :D

Those tiny socks are amazing!!

Momo4ever.Com said...

spoilt sasha!!!! such lovely presents!!!!!!

Ann said...

Such lovely presents & of course you deserve them as you are such a special person.