Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fantabulous Birthday fun

It has been my birthday again, yay!! And to prove it, here is photographic evidence of my ginormous chocoloate-sculpture-topped cake!! Yum!
bday cake! 08
I thoroughly enjoy birthdays, to be able to spoil people, bake and make for them and wrap up presents in elaborate presentation. But when it's my own borthday it's a different kind of enjoyment. I love being surrounded by friends, and catching up with people I haven't spoken to for a little while - which of course always happens on a birthday :)

But one of the most fun outcomes of a birthday is an excuse for a dress up party!! =D I am a HUGE fan of stoking up that imagination, hunting down appropriate decorations and costumery and having a ball!!

This year we decided on a Jungle theme and decked the halls with vines, rubber snakes, flaming torches, wooden serving platters and green drapery! To set the mood we sorted out some tribal drum music with a second backing track playing over the surround sound with macaw parrots, elephants trumpetting and the occasion monkey call - it was FANTASTIC!!

We were honoured with the company of a butterfly, gorilla, two explorers, a Jane of the Jungle, King & Queen of the jungle and more!! I, of course, had to crack out the body paint (any excuse ) and was an Amazon Warrior Woman for the evening!! Scrumptious Skoot knew straight away who he would be a colonial british invader.. i mean.. explorer/safari man!! We found the perfect Pith Helmet for him which he was thrilled about- he's even been wearing it around the house, who wouldn't!?

And what sort of party would it be without GAMES!! Why should kids have all the fun and adults have to just sit around drinking and talking?! Bah! Poppycock!!

Jungle pictionary
Here Safari man Skoot engages in a little Jungle Pictionary!

So seeing as all my party guests won prizes and such for my birthday, I thought it only fair that I give YOU gentle reader, the opportunity for some birthday fun too! =D Plus I was so stunned to see my IP counter (the musical staff on the left sidebar) get up past 10,000 (!!!!) that I think an exciting goodie or two are definately in order!!

So!! Leave me a comment on this post and I shall enter you in The Fantabulous Birthday Goodie Bag! If you include a story or suggestion of a dress-up party theme you've really enjoyed or think would be awesome - I shall enter you TWICE into The Fantabulous Birthday Goodie Bag!! How's that for incentive?!! hehehe! I'll fish around in the Goodie Bag and draw someone out in a couple of days :)

At this stage the 'Goodie' part of The Fantabulous Birthday Goodie Bag is yet to be disclosed - gotta keep the mystery there somehow! - but rest assured, if you are not a fibre-fiend you will be well looked after, and if you ARE a fellow fibre-nutt, well.. I don't even need to TELL you about the goodies!

Many thanks and warm fuzzies to all my snuggly friends and family who make everyday of my life (not just my brthdays) fun-filled, love-filled and generally FANTABULOUS!!


Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I have one very funny birthday story... My friend's little girl was turning 4 and I was helping do the party. She decided she wanted cupcakes and that they needed to be pink with darker pink flowers. Dutifully, I baked cupcakes and put pink frosting on them with darker pink star flowers in the centers.

On the drive to the party, it got rather warm and the flowers melted a bit. When we got there and opened them up, we did not have pink cupcakes with flowers, we had... *nipple cupcakes*!

All the grown-ups got a big kick out of it and the kids were too little to understand. All in all, they were a hit and a future idea for a bachelor party... :D

bink said...

Well, since we all know you organise your life around MY convenience *grin*

These are the kind of themes I can manage without a lot of stress:
- 60s
- something a bit goth-ish (you know what I mean! *wink*)
- medieval (need an excuse to wear the dress again!)


Of course the best party I ever went to was a fantabulously-ambient How to Host a Murder party with a devilishly fun Halloween theme.. :)

2paw said...

Happy Birthday to you, sounds like a fantabulous party indeed!! Nothing like a good Pith helmet to party things up!! I don't have parties, and I am not a big party attender, though not many of my friends have parties. We are not Party People. We like to go out to a restaurant and eat lovely food and drink delicious wine. Do you think that this is because we are all old?? I do!!!!!!!

idyllicchick said...

I love theme parties! Sounds like everyone got into the mood for yours and that's what makes it so much fun.

A few years ago a friend of mine had a Zodiac party. Everyone came dressed as something that represented their Sun Sign. *So* much fun! I'm a Virgo by birth, so I made up an uber-inexpensive super cool Blesseed Virgin Mary costume complete with Sacred Heart. Hee! I gave out little plastic glow in the dark rosaries. I'm *still* getting spam from the Catholic Supply House!

shazzy said...

Cant beat a 80's party. just soooo daggy and really easy to obtain clothes, op shops are great, and well we all know the words to songs from the 80's.

Looked like you had a great time and please enter me in your birthday draw. yippppppppeeeeeeee

Michelle said...

My friend had a fantastic Harry Potter themed Halloween party this year. I was very sad I couldn't attend, but he did it up right. He was Snape.
would be a great birthday party theme

StarSpry said...

Happy belated birthday!!

It sounds like an awesome party :D

Sadly, I don't have much to contribute. I've only gone to a few dress-up Halloween parties!

Ann said...

Your birthday party sounds like lots of fun. I am quite a boring person & parties that I organise are usually just sitting down & eat - eat & chat - boring but alright for us old folks.