Monday, February 25, 2008

Alpaca Silk Secret

After only recently extolling the virtues of knitting groups - the companionship, generosity and skill-sharing found therein, the Kwinana fibre Arts Group has completely reinforced my statement!!

The fun and gorgeous Lisa gifted us all with fabulous little goodie bags including stitch markers, soap, knitter's pin exclaiming "i knit, therefore I rock!" (to be worn here-after on EVERy item of apparel) & lip balm. She even gave me a belated birthday gift of magnificently bright Cascade Fixation - four balls!

Possibly the most exciting gesture of generosity and knitterly companionship, though, was her gift of a skein of Blue Sky Alpaca's Alpaca Silk, so each of us. I chose the red skein - of course I almost always go for the green and aqua palette, but have recently been exploring other shades and have decided it's a good thing to experience different things you wouldn't normally go for and discover new colours you adore! And I ADORE this little puppy!
alpaca silk
You can see just how excited we were - big grins on everyone's face (except of course.. for mischief moneky me, who just HAD to kiss the camera on impulse...) and we're all clutching our delicious alpaca silk!!
Knit sibs
[Me (notice I'm wearing Dad's just-completed beanie!), Lushorama Lisa, Jolene & Shazzy]

Lisa's one condition was that we all knit something up from our single skein, but keep it secret from the others! Then we can bring themall together and do the big reveal!! I was SO excited about this adventure - I couldn't WAIT to cast on! I search books, magazines, Ravelry and so on 'til I found just the right pattern for my luscious yarn.

Luckily I have also recently discovered one of my long-lost moving-house boxes! Phew!! It contained a whole lot of my wonderous knitting supplies - including my ball winder! So I'm very relived to have finally unearthed it!
box o' goodies!

And just in time too!


I oh-so-carefully balled it up into a VERY sensual and edible looking yarn cake - mmmmmm!! - and cast on!

alpaca silk

I have been SO enjoying knititng with this yarn that... I've finished!! I was left with only about 2cm at the very end of my bind off - yikes! So now I need only sew in the ends and my LOVELY secret item is officially completed! Hurrah!!

But no telling of course... I shall keep my mysterious and suspenseful secrecy a little longer yet!


inoriz said...

When I pop over I shall hunt for it and see what it is... MUAHAHHAHAA. You can't do the same to mine coz it's still a skein. Not wound into a cake yet....


Ann said...

Looks like all of you have a lovely time & such gorgeous gifts. Must find the time to join you one day. Can't wait to see what you have knitted up.