Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little in the dumps

Feeling a bit low, and down-in-the-dumps today. I think with our current work situation, and the Shweetie being away so often, the spark and vitality of life has been draining away a little.

I have loads of things I've been wanting to do, loads of things I NEED to do, and of course that damned study too. But none of it appeals today - especially the study. I feel apathetic and listless. All I want to do is sit and knit until the Shveetie gets home.

A good friend has suggested I do something that I'm proud of - which always helps lift one up and out of the aforementioned dumps. So I'm thinking I'll attack the incredibly disorganised study, get that ship-shape, then maybe cast on some socks for Skoot with some nice thick DK/8ply yarn? They'll go very quickly.. might even be able to finish them before he gets home!

In anycase, I'll trundle along. The next installment of the BBC Pride and Pejudice is bound to lift my spirits too - but I'll only allow myself that as a reward after knocking the study back into a semblance of order.
yellow shrooms (1)
I leave you with another fungi photo - remember the fungi that popped up in the hanging basket not too long ago? Well the day after, when I was watering, I saw that over night the biggest mushie had popped open like a 'brollie! It really does give thruth to the saying "coming up like mushrooms". Isn't nature an incredible thing?
mushie pop!


Ann said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling down. A little spring cleaning may help. Make sure you turn up on Saturday & we will cheer you up! See you.

pinky-yin said...

Chin up... :) he'll be back before you know it. Big virtual hugz!!

Lushorama said...

That's no good!!! Put your badge on, balm your lips and get knitting!!!!!
See you soon,