Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Knitting groups of JOY!

Aaren't knitting groups just the BEST! Times spent in the company of friends knitting away, oooh and aahing over each others projects, being inspired and motivated - you've gotta be happy with that :)

The only danger of the knitting group.. is the enabling *serious tone of voice* Oh yes, particularly when someone brings an entire SUITCASE of delicious yarns with them to tempt us all!
tempting smooshy
Oohhh so delicious, oh so smooshy.. but I am proud to admit - also oh so resisted! Phew!! I do have a couple of skeins in mind for knitting up Jeanie at some point.. but right now my needles are FULL! Ahhhh.. the joys of knitting groups!

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