Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Socking along :)

An update on my progress with Dad's Hiking Socks is definately due!

I had planned these for Dad for Christmas 2007, but didn't get much past the TOE before I had to wrap up the yarn, needles and partial sock and put them under the tree!

Now I'm pleased to announce I've finished the first sock and am a few centimetres from the heel on the second one!

Dad's socks #1
[Here modeled by Skoot's tootsie! ]

I'm really enjoying how this yarn is knitting up - a nice thick, juicy fabric - perfect for hiking boots! I also asked Dad where he tends to wear out his socks first, to which he replied the back of the heel. So next time I'm knitting up socks for Dad I'll make sure I put some extra strengthening in there - perhaps knit with some nylon through there too, or do a slip stitch heel. The slip stitch heel is my preferred method, but withthis pair I was zooming along and didn't actually stop to think of doing it! haha! Nevermind!

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Ann said...

The sock is great & you did a beautiful job.