Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knitter's Arsenal

I recently added a few lovely item to my knitting arsenal!

Want to see? Of course you do!!

I had some birthday spending money burning a hole in my pocket, but I knew exactly what it would turn into! A set of Harmony interchangeables! Hurrah!!

harmony needles

I love LOVE the interchangeable knit picks needles and adore the metal needle set I have. But when the laminated wood set came out I decided they would be an excellent addition to my tool set. The metal needles are awesome, but such speed and swiftness is not always a good thing - the wooden needles will be great for lace and slippery yarns. Plus I always seem to have more than one project on the go that needs the same needle size - gah!! Well, not a problem anyMORE! *triumphant cackle* Suffice to say I'm thrilled to bits and have nestled the needles comfortableey away in the zippered binder with the metal ones :)

While I was over at Helen's catching up, clutching my new needle set and drooling over all the other Knitting Inspiration goodies I came upon this fabulous Lantern Moon DPN holder and decided it should come home with me too.


It's absolutely gorgeous - blue silk, fabulously soft and made with ethical practicies and community support - what more could you want!?


Well.. nothing!! Particuarly after Helen tucked a set of 2.75mm Harmony DPNs in for me as a birthday pressie - so sweet! Thanks Helen! :)

You can see some of my DPNs sitting there snug and happy in their new home - I shall no longer have to hunt through the house and nestie searching out my DPNs, whee! Maybe I'll have to search the house for the DPN holder! But still.. at least I'd find them all in one spot ;)

The lovely silky holder even has a little zippered section which I've used to store the little DPN bum-bears while I'm not knitting with their companion DPNs.


All in all, a very satisfied knitter here :) So many lovely goodies to cast my eyes over and play with - why must I STUDY when there are so many fibrey delights to tempt me?! :) Nevermind, study is my 'work' at the moment, and I need to pull my weight, or the weight of my conscience will be the bigger issue! So I shall plug away at the books, then reward myself with some more luscious fibre fun!


Inori said...

*Drools all over your needles*.

shazzy said...

oooooooooooooo they are soooo pretty. I cant wait till I get the full set of my metal ones then I can maybe think about the wooden ones.... oooo ooo oo
too hot to study, go knit instead

Ann said...

The Harmony needles are gorgeous - so smooth & light. I just love using the dpns & the knitting goes faster.