Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Wonders

Well this weekend we tried our normal blanacing act: enough lounging around, relaxing and luxuriating in each others company to keep us almost content all week, PLUS a certain amount of productivity and progress around the house and such to satsify too!

I think we managed satasfactorily :)

A little baking to reward the housework - Upside Down Cashew Maple Cake.. oh. my. goodness.
cashew maple cake
We ate this STRAIGHT from the oven, standing out the back together so we didn't drop gooey mapley spicey crumbs on the kitchen floor - it was deluxe.

Between more lounging, playstation sessions and generally getting about in our pajamas, we got out into the garden to repot some of our 'babies'. With no pets at the moment we tend to pour all of our nurturing lurve into our plants, particularly our little chilli forest! I started growing about 4 chillis from tiny seedlings for Skoot a while back - I don't eat chilli at all, complete over-sensitive here, Scrumptious Bum can't even cook with chilli oil in the kitchen without me running from the lounge room coughing and spluttering!! But I digress.. so we've reared these little chillis from their teeny tiny state and they badly needed to move house!

So we've now sorted them out and they are MUCH happier! I mean, wouldn't you be? They've got delicious organic (i mean, obviously organic as in 'comes fromthe earth' but what i MEAN is chemical free) potting mix, expanded clay balls to help with water retention, blod and bone mix and worm wee - YUMMO!!

While we were pottering around the garden together we noticed a little addition to one of our hanging baskets...
yellow shrooms (1)
It's become a FAERY GROTTO!!

Pretty much overnight these BRIGHT yellow fungi have sprung up!
yellow shrooms (4)
Aren't they incredible?! We love them so much we now have them as our computer desktop too - hehee!


inoriz said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! See any pixies or fairyfolk dancing around them?

And I just noticed the time you posted for the last post - 4am??? You DIDN'T SLEEP???

Inoriz said...

Oh, it was close to 5am!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann said...

No wonder you didn't make it to City Nits - you were too busy eating that yummy cake.

Dy said...

What an amazing yellow! Never seen anything like it, how beautiful