Monday, February 18, 2008

Oceanic knitting!

Dad's beanie is coming along verrryy nicely, thank-you!
Dad's beanie 17jan
I'm SO pleased with how my handspun yarn has knit up, and although I've modified the pattern slightly along the way to adapt it to the yarn and such - I'm almost fnished! Have sewn in the ends, need to make the dangley bits and then.. c'est fini and ready for Dad's bonce! Hurrah!!


Ann said...

Wow - that's fast. I just saw you cast it on. It looks great! Miss you on Saturday.

inoriz said...

Hahahaha, as I've said before, the hat is just great!

And, you look naked. Are you naked? Tee hee.

shazzy said...

I dont wanna know if shes

Very kewl hat.