Thursday, March 20, 2008

Armii in Hoodii Sleevii

I know I still haven't posted my most recent FOs and belive me and HANGING out to take photos and get them up here and on Ravelry too - but for now some exciting Hoodii progress - Sleevii!!
CPH sleeve
I had knit a sleeve passed the elbow before realising it was simply too tight. In fact I was doing the increases incorrectly - only half as many as I should have done, Gah! So I haven't frogged that sleeve, but left it hibernating for a while as I got on with other projects, gifties to be knit up and the like. I cast on anew for the first sleeve and am now almost up to the shoulder! A few more centimetres and I'll be able to start the sleeve cap - hurrah!! =D

CPH sleeve (1)
I'm super keen to keep cracking on with the Hoodii so I can have it ready for the cooler weather which is just peeking it's head around the corner now, but not quite ready to grace us with its presence! I'm also eager as I've never done sleeve caps and set in sleevey goodness before - well, this is my first jumper so I suppose that's not surprising! So that will be fun to do in only a little bit more knitting time!!


Ann said...

The sleeve looks great. Don't worry about seaming - I think between Helen & I, we should be able to help you.

inoriz said...

After Helen and Ann helped you with the seaming, you can then help ME! Hehehehe. It looks really good! Can't wait to see the completed hoodii!

Michelle said...

ooh...looks like it'll be ready for winter this year!!!!!!!! cant wait to see you FO!!! maybe i should start the CPH too? bah...haven't got the yarns yet!! i'm still not buying yarns!!! hahahaha

2paw said...

Lookiis Goodii!!! Oh and the word verification is "iigoz" "ii"s everywhere!!!