Sunday, March 16, 2008

Few posts but many chillis!

I've been a bit absent from the blog lately - I like to post much more frequently than this!

Plus I have several fun finished items to post about too! And I know how much we all love checking out finished knits on blogs and such, so I really must get my arse into gear!

But alas, life has a way of distracting me at times - and it seems the best way to stay constant to ze blawg is to post frequently - keep up the momentum. So I'll try to get into doing that again :)
chilli harvet 0308
For now I leave you with a shot of our recent chilli harvest! The plants are beautiful to grow and I admit I dote upon them! Unfortuantely, I can't go NEAR chilli though - I'm so hyper-sensitive to it. Even when Skoot's cooking with chilli enfused oil I have to run coughing and spluttering from the room (and even the adjoinging room!) because of the evaporated chilli in the AIR!! Nonetheless I really appreciate the aesthetic of chillis - love the colour and vibrancy.


bink said...

Nice harvest :)

We just bought two chilli plants at the chilli festival and have potted them up.. any particular growing tips to share?? :)

Ann said...

Those look like yummy chillis. I love chillis & have them with my meals most of the time. If you do have a bumper harvest, just give me a call. Have been missing you at City Nits.

Irene said...

Those chillies look scrumptious!

Look here

Anonymous said...

Man, I am *so* jealous. Here in Quebec City it is next to impossible to find anything spicy as the locals seem to think "très epicée" means "extra salt and pepper!"

Were those red savina habaneros I saw in there? *drool*