Thursday, March 27, 2008

Organic Delicious

I'm a big fan of fresh fruit and veg, particularly since I don't fill up on that other food group - meat!

But I would get so downtrodden and disappointed every time we went to do the grocery shop and as we wandered through the fresh produce section, nothing much ever made its way into the trolley. All the fruit and veg on offer from the big grocery stores seemed... lack lustre and unappetising. Manky or waxy or flown in from some far off land.

Eventually I discovered a nearby(ish) Growers Mart sort of place that sold all sorts of yummy goodies, fresh home made pastas, delicious cheeses, fresh baked breads and a fabulous array of glowing radiant and completely edible fruit and veg! yay!! Some produce was still flown in from far off lands, and only a small amount of organic produce was available.

So we weren't there yet.. but THEN.. then a woman at work casually mentioned a group that source organic fruit and veg from local farmers, divide it up between their customers and deliver the box of goodies to your door each week! hurrah!! It sounded too good to be true! I'd heard of these 'box schemes' before but never thought I'd find one in my area! I pick up our box of juicy deliciousness (rather than having it deliviered so far) each week on my way into work and we enjoy succulent, colourful, tasty produce throughout the week.
The fruit and veg available is only what's seasonally available - which makes sense! It's grown in the seasons the produce actually CAN grow! Not grown then kept in gas freezers for a year, or drugged up to the eyeballs so an apple will grow in summer.. or whatever you fancy. It is SO refreshing to know I don't have to SCRUB the fruit and veg before eating it - what's the worst that could be on there? dirt? maaaybe some manure!? So a rinse wash is all that's needed before it's intothe cook pot or straight down the hatch - yum :)

Check out one of the goodies that came in our box this week...
The most gigormous eggplant I have ever seeeeeeen! It's HUGE!! Will definately be trying my hand at some eggplant parmigiana this week - mmmmm!


bink said...


The closest one I can find to me is blinking Armadale :( Can you ask everyone you know who is involved if there's anything even vaguely convenient to Bayswater???

I'd be happy even to organise a roster system with other peeps so eahc person takes turns doing the long drive to pick up goodies for all.. but I don't know how to find other interested peeps.

I am SO jealous.. but on the other hand, my massive corrugated iron raised begie beds arrived today!!!! (just give me, say, 10 years and you can get your box of goodies from me! *grin*)

Go you :)

2paw said...

Oh how exciting and I love your eggplant posing!!! I agree about the supermarkets: poor quality and expensive. They do have some local things, but I shop at the greengrocer where there are at least 10 kinds of potatoes and heaps of lovely fruit and vegetables!!!