Monday, March 31, 2008

It's officially winter!!

This morning the delicious rain hasn't stopped, and now I can hear thunder rumbling, occassionally loud enough torattle the front window. Flashes of lightning illuminate the room a little brighter every now and then too.
It's absolutely blissful :)

Not so blissful however is the whole in the roof of la nestie (my studio) which has STILL not been fixed by the real estate. At present a piece of cardboard is shielding the room from adventurous spiders and such.

fixin a hole

But I don't think it will last long against the determined drip drip of the leaking roof... Today I shall be sending them a stern letter, reminding them they have now had a YEAR to fix the leaky roof, and in that time all they have done is sent around a chap who made the whole LARGER (to accomodate his head, so he could fossick about up there and.. not fix it!) so this is NOT satsifactory *stern look*

Over the past week/s I've been putting in some serious hours to sorting, culling, organising and reacquainting with my lovely goodies out there in la nestie. We've put up some excellent shelving and removed some antiquated furniture to make room for other bits and bobs. It's SO exciting to have a lovely creative space so nearly ready!! Here's a little sneak peek *grin*

[lovely books and one of mypapercrane's charming pieces of bread!]

More pictures to come once it's all pretty and finished :) I'm thinking I'll have a knitting party as a Studio Warming once Le Nestie is ready to make some friends and welcome people to her loveliness, oh.. and once there's no hole in the roof too!


Ann said...

I have been waiting for this day for a long time - at last, cool weather. Can't wait to see your studio all done up!

The Best Person Ever Lived said...