Monday, April 07, 2008

Dang, it feels good to be a zombie

Zombie sash close
This weekend was my first flashmob experience - and it was a doozy!

zombie sash stagger
About 60 zombies stumbled, shuffled, moaned and groaned their way through Perth city, and I was amongst them as we spewed out from an alley way, blood splattered, leg-dragging and ever-so undead to start our determined promenade up William St, along the mall, through the Carilion arcade, across the train station past the art gallery and up to the library.
zombie sash
I can highly recommend being a part of any flashmob action in your area, for those in Perth details can be found here. An excellent way to experience something different and unexpected, hopefully expand the public consciousness and have a little bit of surreal fun :)
Zombie sash flash mob


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Awesome! I want to be a zombie!