Thursday, April 03, 2008

Delayed Deliciousness

This is one of my favourite knits at the moment, but I finished it weeks ago and haven't yet posted about it! Bad blogger!!
verily verity 2
[Verity blossom]
It's none other than the scrumptious and divine Verity by Ysolda, in dreamy Malabrigo worsted, lettuce colourway (remember our little mystery clue a while back?!)
verily verity1
[round buttony goodness]
The button feature is awesome, love love it, though I couldn't find a plain wood button at the store so ended up using an ornate wood button but with the 'back' plain side facing out!! I've never been a beret wearer before, so I keep toying with how I wear it; slouched over one ear, slouched back... but which ever way I put it on I LUFF it!
Verity back
[slouchy back]
The band on Verity is masterfully fantastic. it took me a little time and help from Lushie and Jolene to figure out one part, but once I got my head around it I was off like LIGHTNING! Great stitch pattern, very stretchy yet strong and looks great with the eyelets too :)
Verity ooh
["ooh! Is that one of Ysolda's berets I see??"]
I found this to be SUCH an enjoyable, addictive, fun and quick knit. Ysolda is not only a genius of knitterly designs but gorgeously friendly too - which makes the whole experience extra fabulous :)
[see the joy?!]
The Malabrigo I picked up from Yarn and Kisses was my first go knitting with Mmmmmalabrigo - but it won't be my last! SO yummy, so soft, so i-can't-put-this-down-and-don't-even-try-to-make-me!! I'll definately be using more in future, and I'll definately be going back to Yarn and Kisses - great service, super quick, excellent price - top work all round!

So here are the specs;
Pattern: Verity by Ysolda Teague
Size made: The largest size for maximum slouch factor :)
Yarn: Malbrigo worsted, lettuce
Needles: KnitPicks options 5mm (Magic loop)
Modifications: None!!
Cast on/off: March 5 - 11 2008

Details of course on the marvellous Ravelry :) In fact, I'm an avid fan of Ysolda's blog, and saw her knock up the first Verity, and waited with bated breath for her to release the pattern, which she did the next day! I cast on practically straight away and was AMAZED at the amount of fellow Ysolda-nutts who also cast on and had finished berets up on Ravelry faster than you can say "Verily-Verity's-Verily-Necessary"!! Gotta love Ravelry =D Gotta love malabrigo, and gotta love Ysolda's knits!


inoriz said...

It really is lovely. :) Glad you like MmMMmm!

2paw said...

Of course I remember the gorgeous green Lettuce and your beret is tres jolie!!!

Ann said...

A lovely beret & looks so nice on you! You can have a whole wardrobe of them to match your clothes.

Michelle said...

omG!! i love your beret!!!!!!!!!!!

Sophie said...

love the beret - i've been thinking about knitting up one of Ysolda's patterns, but like you i have never been a beret wearer.

could you bring it along to the next citiknits you come along to?


Sophie said...

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