Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Mosey Mishap

Remember when I knit the charming Verity beret, and I got on to the band section and completely misread the pattern? I thought one of the lines of text was telling me to DO something, instead of just generally explaining, so I DID something, then when I got to the rest of the pattern nothing made sense and I totally confused myself?

Well. The case of the misinterpreted pattern has happened AGAIN!

This time it was the poor sweet Moseys that were struck down by my ineptitude to clearly interpret a pattern. So I'm cruising along with the 2x2 rib then I read the line :

"Eyelet Round: Work 24 sts in pattern, k2tog, yo, p2, yo, k2tog, continue in pattern to end."

So what MY mind thought that meant was to do the 2x2 rib for 24 stitches then work "k2tog, yo, p2, yo, k2tog" as a pattern for the rest of the round. But of course repeating that exact segment doesn't make sense so I adjusted a little so it would fit, thinking I had read it wrong or couldn'tunderstand so must adapt, and off I went.

After finishing the eyelet round *sigh* I went on to continue the 2x2 rib and am now at the 7-inches-out-of-9 point.

mosey prefrog may 08
So long and ribby!

I was SO excited, Mosey was FLYING off the needles! I had even sewn in the ends and ball joins as I went along. But then.. then I looked at it and wondered how the eyelets would be covered. They're at the 3 inch mark, that won't be hidden underneath the fold over rib cuff... if the eyelets were at the 6 inch mark they would but.. hmmm..

mosey prefrog may 08 (1)
The woven in end, waiting to be trimmed...

So I pitted my clearly tired or wandering brain power at it, looked over ravelry for anyone else exclaiming "oh no! There's an error in the pattern!" and sure enough - no one. So... then I figured it out.

Why oh WHY did I choose to take "pattern" in the first half of the sentence to mean 2x2 rib but then conveniently FORGET about that when I reached the word "pattern" at the end of the sentence! Gah!!

Nevermind, at least I have it worked out now :) And the fabulous Susan Power was NOT mistaken in her writing of this magnificient little pattern! So now I must frog out the 5 inches or so of ribbing to get back down and mend that eyelet row!

Wish me luck and better comprehension in the future!


2paw said...

I hate it when that happens, but sometimes pattern writers don't think like me!!!
At least it's a fast knit!!

Andrea said...

I'm laughing a little bit but I swear it's with you! I'm knitting on Mosey myself but it's not going as quickly, I dare say that even with ripping back you'll be far ahead of me by the end of the weekend.

Good luck!

Ann said...

Sometimes patterns are written in a language that I find it hard to understand. At least you figure it out later. Good luck on the rest.