Saturday, May 10, 2008

Here it goes again...

After only just settling in and finally unpacking and sorting out the last of our gear (I know it's been 12 months but the shveetie was away for half of that so we didn't get a chance to organise everything completely).. we have to move again!!

The property we currently rent is being subdivided, so we're on the hunt for another place again! I'm so looking forward to a few years' time when we can invest in our own place and not have to move for MANY years!! But for now.. the positive side is that we might get a place that has a lounge room set up commensurate with setting up our surround sound, an opportunity to hopefully land a non-cranky real estate agent, and of course, the move is encouraging us to minimise our hoarded goodies!

For example, last week I parted company with this lovely shiny treasure...
drums goodbye (2)
my drum kit!

I haven't used it for over a year, and it takes up SO much room, even when it's packed up in all the cases. Plus moving money is MUCH easier than moving stuff, so it was time to say goodbye to my kit, which I'm fine with :)

I'm gradually learning to relinquish my death-like grip on material objects. A lot of the things I hoard have sentimental value, so they're of course harder to part with. But I'm getting there slowly, learning that I can keep the memory even if I move on from the object itself.

So wish us luck in finding a FABULOUS place and having a smooth and easy move ahead of us!

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Michelle said...

hey babe, hope you find another gorgeous house soon ^_^

good luck!!

was hoping to see you at CitiNits today but nvm. there's always next time!! take care!!