Friday, May 23, 2008

No doubt about it...

When she grows up, Rachel is SO going to be a yarn ho, just like her mama!!

rachel w yarn may 08 005 (2)

rachel w yarn may 08 005 (1)

rachel w yarn may 08 005 (3)
( clearly obsessed with tweed )

rachel w yarn may 08 005 (4)
( my spotlight VIP card, apparently delicious )

rachel w yarn may 08 005
( desperately reaching for my lace on the nearby table - she spotted it from across the couch! )

Rachel and yaarrrn may 08
( developing a taste for handspun yarns too)

Some might say "yes well.. but you're a knitter! So when you're with a child, the child is SURROUNDED with knitting paraphenalia, yarn, craft cards etc.. So of course the child will play with them!" But noooo.. I'm afraid that point is invalid, as whenever and where ever we play I put out all sorts of exciting toys: her doll Sally, an envelope, pillow case, pencil case, brightly colours hat etc... and she always makes a bee line for the yarn! Even when I'm not playing with it!
Case closed!
dandylions pixie hat WIP may 08
She even enjoys modelling Works In Progress - look at those bright eyes!


inoriz said...

What a cute baby!!!!!!!!
(hehehe... I'm online on your laptop now)

Angelina said...

thanks to the wonders of quirky nomads and the miracle of podcasting, I can actually HEAR your blog in my head!

that baby is most adorable....

-angelina, oakland, CA US