Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bosko's Pixie Hat!

This week past has been the week of Finished Objects - I'm loving it! The Dandylions handspun has finished its journey and become a Pixie Hat for baby Bosko!

dandylions pixie hat FO may 08 006
Chevron shaping colour contrasts

I used the Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap pattern, but added plaited yarn for the cords rather than crocheting or i-cording. I felt that the handspun's irregularity of thickness might make quite a chunky i-cord which would be difficult to tie up.

dandylions pixie hat FO may 08 007
Plaited ties and ear peaks to keep miniature ears snug!

I'm very pleased with how it's turned out! The chevron shaping in the pattern shows off the striping of the handspun very well, much to my delight! The stitches are small, then large, puffy then taut which gives an excellent rustic look to the finished knit, perfect for Bosko's alternative and artisitc parents :) The knit fabric is quite thick so will be excellent insulation against the wind and cold seeing as Bosko and his parents will be moving to a colder climate soon. Luckily the fabric is also a little stretchy so that will allow for a longer time of wear - I'd hate for him to grow out of it before the end of winter!

dandylions pixie hat FO may 08 004
Almost pointier than a kitten!

I ended up using 2.75mm DPNs (knit picks harmony dpns) as I don't have that size circular yet. I have to say I've become a pretty devout convert to the ways of magic loop these days! But it was nice to use the traditional method of DPNs again, I do enjoy those tiny pointy sticks :)

My childhood (and current) companion Hop graciously offered to model the Pixie Hat and has done a brilliant job! :) hehee His little ears are folded together slightly at the top, so the pointy tip of the pixie hat is perfect for his head shape!! Maybe I should knit up another one just for him...

dandylions pixie hat FO may 08 005
Hop the Outback Orphan kangaroo, adopted many years ago and now hip knitwear model!

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inoriz said...

SOOOO CUTE!!!! I love your roo!