Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spoils from across the globe

Within two days of each other I have received two special and touching parcels from friends overseas - friends who I have in fact never met!

As some of you, fair readers, may be aware I take part in voice acting and general mischief on Sage Tyrtle's podcast QN (formerly Quirky Nomads). Through this involvement Sagish and I have become very good friends, bosom buddies if you will *grin* we share the same sense of humour and find the same pictures/comments/issues hilarious/unusual/apalling.

Since around Christmas time we had both been dropping hints (albeit less than subtle!) that we were crafting something for each other. Sadly my craft endeavours fell to the side with the onslaught of Christmas, but that has turned outto be for the best as now I am creating an ever MORE fantabulous craft surprise *wicked grin and cackle*

Sage told me her parcel had been sent from far off Toronto and we both waited.. and waited.. like small children jumping on the spot and bursting out of our skin with excitement. At last the parcel arrived!

Sage is a mistress of crochet and can bend most any corchet task to her impressive will. She has created for me a stunning bag that I am so blown away by.

sage's bag may08 002
The woman and the tree

sage's bag may08 003
The swing and the roots

sage's bag may08 004
The stunning base, free hand crochet!

sage's bag may08 005

FREE HAND people!

Then a mere day later I checked the PO box and found an exciting striped note from the postal folks saying 'URGENT! See inside for pick up!' Pick up.. I thought... hmmmm, I wonder if za shveetie has ordered something from e-bay that's been delivered... little did I know it was the generous and magnificent gift from Bekk of Bowerbird Knits, waiting for me inside!!

I knew the parcel would arrive at some point but had one of those delicious moments where I had forgotten it was on its way, so picking it up was such a delight! Bekk and I have become friends in fact through Sage. I first encountered her loveliness when I was judging the Australian accents on a Quirky Quiz Sage did, and Bekk was a contestant! Since then it has been laughter, shared knitting (and spinning) tips, advice and general friendly hilarity at 'Tea-Time' (which I sorely miss since lately I've not been able to get to Skype in time to join in!)

I'm constantly in awe and wonder at the yarns Bekk spins up. They are so even, so beautiful and spun with such impressive techniques - how does she do it!

happy rainbow
Care of Rebekkah's flickr set

Such an inspiration to this poor unpracticed spinner!! So imagine my delight when Bekk asked if I would give a good home to a skein of her handspun!

happy rainbow may08 003
Happy Rainbow Handpsun Merino

happy rainbow may08 004

happy rainbow may08 005
Look at those COLOURS!

I feel so grateful and so touched by the generosity of friends, and friends so far afield who I've never been able to hug, or grin at, spend the day with or whisper with conspirationally. Thank you SO much Bekk and Sagish Rabbit :) I hope I can return the favour and be a like friend to you both *snuggly hug*


StarSpry said...

That is an awesome bag from Sage!! Really beautiful yarn from Bekk, too :)

lara said...

gorgeous stuff!!! you are one lucky knitter to have such great friends :)